It’s mid October and school is in full swing. Keeping your child focused may be getting a little difficult to accomplish.

The Clubhouse has put together a few tips to keep your child’s brain focused to excel in school. Your child’s brain is a well tuned machine that even though it’s brand new, needs some fine tuning so it doesn’t get out of control.

1. A healthy Balanced Breakfast.

Here’s a simple trick to follow when feeding your children. If it doesn’t have an advertising, its a good candidate for their plate. Good quality food goes a long way; usually those that don’t have advertisements. Quick go to foods are so easy to serve because of their accessibility (hint: In a box) however they contain to much sugar. Don’t give in despite how easy it is.  A well balanced source of protein, healthy carbs and natural sugars are best. Remember it’s not about just getting their bellies full. It’s about giving them the fuel they need to provide their brains and bodies with the sustainable energy needed for them to succeed in school.

2. Extra curricular activities are golden.

Finding the right after-school activity is important to keep their bodies active after school. After sitting all day in school, children need to work on their focus skills in a sport, art or hobby that they enjoy. Sometimes we want our children to become something that we never accomplished. Like a major league baseball player or a graceful ballerina. But you need to help them discover their passion. This is accomplished through trial and error. We recommend Martial Arts training for children because it can become any of the 3. For some it becomes a sport where they can compete at the highest levels; others it’s an art where their body becomes the canvas they develop and for others it’s a fun hobby where they can socialize with other children their same age and have some fun while doing it.

3. Get a good nights sleep

We all need sleep. Specially children. A good nights rest helps children stay focused throughout the day and in after-school activities that they might be enrolled in. A tired child is a cranky one. Even if they tell you they’re not, it may well be time for night, night. A good nights rest will help your child stay much more focused throughout the day. Just as diet and exercise, sleep is as important to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Weekend Activities

Children need bonding time with their families. It brings a sense of security and stability in their lives that cannot be matched. So get out of routine and plan weekend activities or getaways that involve the family. A simple bike ride or hike can create the foundation that the family needs. Remember taking them to the playground while they play with other children while you sit their on your phone does not count.

5. Focus on the Focus

Every time your child shows how focused he or she is, it needs to be acknowledged. Tell them how great they did in a project by focusing. Commend them on how well they complete a chore because of how well they focused. Try not to point out the negatives in your child. Instead, through positive reinforcement acknowledge the times your child shows their focus at work. So if you focus solely on the times that your child doesn’t complete their homework or is not listening to instructions at school or home; you will be prone to get more of that behavior. Regardless of the attention given whether it’s good or bad, a child will ask of that attention more. So keep it positive.

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