1. How to keep your child razor sharp focused!

    It's mid October and school is in full swing. Keeping your child focused may be getting a little difficult to accomplish. The Clubhouse has put together a few tips to keep your child's brain focused to excel in school. Your child's brain is a well tuned machine that even though it's brand new, needs…Read More

  2. Do you Know what activities your child is scheduled for?

    Welcome to your SKC Platform Hey Parents, Did you know once you become a member at SKC, you become part of our ONLINE Community? Your child gets a platform where you can see what activities they are enrolled for and access to: Transactions Classes Be the first to schedule future events Purchase merc…Read More

  3. 2-4-1 Back-to-School!

    Thanks for visiting our blog. Hi guys! This is Sensei Paola and Sensei Alex. We want everyone to start their training back. So we came up with an amazing back-to-school deal so you and your friend can join. Now through September, SKC is giving a 2-4-1 deal. What does it mean? 2-4-1 means you and a f…Read More

  4. Welcome To SKC!

    For our very first blog post, we want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and explore what it is that makes us special. SKC stands for Super Kids Clubhouse, and, in short, we are exactly that: a space for kids to come and be their super selves! All this excitement happens in our 6,000-sq…Read More