Karate can teach your little ones confidence, self-control, health, and more! For karate classes in Palmetto Bay — either for adults or for kids — you can count on SKC. If your little one has been asking for karate training for a while now, then you can find it here at SKC. Here on our blog, we regularly update it with advice for helping your children succeed, information about the benefits of karate classes, and more. Visit SKC today for karate classes in Palmetto Bay. We can’t wait to have your little one growing into their own person — one karate chop at a time.

  1. 2-4-1 Back-to-School!

    Thanks for visiting our blog. Hi guys! This is Sensei Paola and Sensei Alex. We want everyone to start their training back. So we came up with an amazing back-to-school deal so you and your friend can join. Now through September, SKC is giving a 2-4-1 deal. What does it mean? 2-4-1 means you and a f…Read More