Adults are choosing Martial Arts over conventional gym training.

A martial arts class works all the major muscle groups to help you gain speed, strength, balance & flexibility. Gyms are great, if you know what your doing and specially when you have someone there coaching you along the way. But, how often do you get that special attention?

At SKC Karate, when you join our martial arts classes, you also join a team of fellow “Karate-ka” who like you have the same goals and mindset as you. Also, you get a coach who is committed to your development not only physically but mentally. At the DOJO you will receive guided instruction on proper plyometric exercise, coordination, timing and even nutrition. The Sensei(s) are committed to your success and the achievement of your mental, physical & nutritional goals.

So come in today and see for yourself how Martial Arts Training can be the stepping stone to any goals you have. Martial Arts can and will give you the confidence you need to change your life for the better. The confidence you develop after rigorous hours of training this ancient art will yield immediate results in your personal life such as career, school and relationships.

You’re never a victim, when you train with


Your training will consist of Olympic Sport Karate & Street Self Defense tactics. First lets talk about the sport side of your training. Karate will be an official sport in the 2020 Olympic games. These are exciting times for the sport side of karate as there have been many advancements for the karate athlete and taken their training to the highest levels. Which you the student will benefit from even if an Olympic Gold Medal is not part of your plan. You will develop:

  • Reaction Skill
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Timing
  • Coordination

The other side of your training will be focused on Street Self Defense Tactic training. At SKC you will use the skills acquired through your sport development training to now put it into action. You Street Self-Defense Tactic training will consist of:

  • Strategy
  • Take Downs
  • Real Life Fight Scenarios
  • Technique
  • Application
  • The Art of Kata

When you put that kimono on your training becomes much more meaningful than just trying to get in shape. You train to never be a victim. You train to overcome your limits. You train for your self development not only physically but mentally. Your goal becomes to not just become a black belt in karate but a black belt in life.

The Skills you learn at SKC can never be taken away from you.


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